The Kindergarten Shuffle

The Kindergarten Shuffle
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Now includes THREE GUIDES: Testing Survival Guide with Gifted and Talented type sample questions, Illustrated Guide to the NNAT2, and the Kindergarten Admissions Guide. Nearly 100 pages, 50 sample G&T type questions, and hundreds of resource links. INVALUABLE! Guides courtasy of BeeTutoredTestingMom, and Grandfather Films. PDFs of guides e-mailed with purchase.

The Kindergarten Shuffle is one of the most painfully realistic (and I mean that in a very, very good way) movies ever filmed about the New York City school admissions process. I strongly recommend that everyone preparing to go through the process - or who has been through the process and wants to cringe in shock at how universal the experience seems to be - try to catch the film either in the theater or on DVD. I think every parent in New York City should see this movie!  Alina Adams. The Gifted NY Education Examiner

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The Kindergarten Shuffle is a movie designed to help negotiate the difficult process by showing four parents going through an entire year. The 93 minute docu-drama follows a mother and her friends through the public and private school process. We witness first hand a child taking an IQ test, a mother touring public, private, and Gifted Schools. And we are also privy to a private school ‘playdate’ in which children are observed and interviewed by educators.

Doug, I just finished watching it.  It was fantastic.  You did a brilliant job.  So did the actors.  It felt so authentic.  You gave so much information about what it is like to look for schools in NYC, but also the feelings that the parents go through were beautifully reflected.  People around the country won't believe this is what parents have to go through in NY. Karen Quinn Author Testing for Kindergarten and educational consultant.